Welcome to Edge Compute

Daimler X Platform Science presents: Digital Vehicle Platform

Welcome to Edge Compute

Daimler X Platform Science Presents: Your Digital Vehicle Platform

Open Edge

Your fleet, your platform. A single unified foundation of telemetry data powering an extensible, open platform.

Real Time Data
in Vehicle

App & TSP data available at new speeds enabling new capabilities.

Activating Your Existing

Flexible integration solutions. Configure new Freightliner tractors right off the production line.

Watch Us On Freightwaves LIVE

The Digital Vehicle Platform now unlocks capabilities never-before-seen to your drivers and fleets. Intelligence built in your vehicle. Welcome to Edge Compute.

The Ultimate Data Pipeline

No more aftermarket vehicle hardware - enabling a secure, robust, reliable vehicle connection.

Partner Spotlight

Applications that operate optimally with edge compute capabilities


PedalCoach is constantly calculating the optimal fuel rate during every trip, giving the driver a moving MPG target that doesn’t penalize him or her for a heavy load or an old truck.

Using Digital Vehicle Platform's real-time edge connection. PedalCoach can respond effectively to pedal position and safety concerns. Something not possible with cloud-only services.


Revvo helps fleets make better decisions when it comes to tire management by providing real-time visibility through smart and connected tires.

With Digital Vehicle Platform, Revvo can alert drivers and fleets when tire pressure and/or conditions are needing attention at real-time. Keeping your drivers safe and on-time.

Trimble Maps

Rooted by map data and map-centric technology specifically designed for commercial vehicles, its development platform and trusted products are made for a broad range of industries, workforces and fleets of all sizes.

Trimble Maps is supercharged both on vehicle and cloud telemetry data. Platform Science's "Store & Forward" functionality provided an uninterrupted experience for your drivers.

Compute Where You Are

A comparison of transfer speeds of mobile device and vehicle telemetry data

When Reliability and Seconds Count

Edge connectivity works offline, allowing your drivers to continue uninterrupted while being safe and compliant.

Freightwaves LIVE @ Home - Demo

Take a ride with our VP of Product, Darrin Demchuk and see how real-time data from the edge can benefit your fleet. See how applications like Linkedrive's PedalCoach® function optimally using the Digital Vehicle Platform.

Access Telemetry Data Wherever Your Apps Run

The standardization of vehicle signals for usage in apps running in the Cloud, Edge Mobile, and edge On-Vehicle.

Vehicle Enrollment & Monitoring

Data Access Control Management

Mobile Device & Vehicle Telemetry


Data Access

Hardware Support

Driver Coaching

Where Tech Meets Torque

Daimler and Platform Science's Digital Vehicle Platform. Launching Spring 2021.

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